Harnessing hospital data to improve healthcare

GEMINI is Canada’s largest hospital data sharing network for research and analytics.

A unique clinical data repository

GEMINI collects detailed clinical and administrative data from 30+ participating hospitals across Ontario and makes it available for research that addresses healthcare’s pressing challenges. We implement state-of-the-art technology and robust policies to ensure data are secure and protect patient privacy.

  • 2.4 Million +Hospital admissions
  • 12 Billion +Data points
  • 35 +Hospitals
  • 60% ofOntario’s medical hospital beds

A dynamic community

GEMINI is a fundamentally collaborative initiative. Data are contributed by hospitals from all regions of Ontario and accessed by a diverse community of researchers who work in partnership with patients, front-line clinicians, hospital leaders, and policymakers.

  • $80 Million +GEMINI-supported grants at 13 institutions
  • 150 +Research papers and presentations
  • 1000 + Researchers and students

GEMINI in the News

The Globe and Mail

U of T and partner hospitals are improving patient care with new data tools

An example of the innovation made possible by the hospital network’s ecosystem is GEMINI. The GEMINI research network at St. Michael’s Hospital, part of Unity Health Toronto, deploys a data and analytics platform that leverages the rich information in hospital computer records to generate insights about how health care is delivered, informing changes that improve the patient experience while supporting the system.

Over the past five years, the project has grown from a TAHSN-based innovation to an initiative that is helping the Government of Ontario improve health care at hospitals across the province.

Unity Health awarded more than $7 million in CIHR funding for research projects

Fourteen Unity Health investigators have been awarded grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for their research projects, totaling more than $7 million in federal funding.

CIHR released the funding as part of their Spring 2023 Project Grant competition. This program funds projects with the greatest potential to advance health care, health systems and health outcomes.

The funded Unity Health projects investigate a wide range of critical issues and span all areas of research, including social-cultural, health systems and service delivery, biomedical and clinical research.

Cambridge Today

Ontario doctors say AI use will improve health care

Ontario doctors expect health care will improve and it will be easier to detect patient health changes with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) held an online news conference Wednesday to outline how AI technology has been introduced into some areas of health care and how bigger changes are on the way.