Access GEMINI Data

Researchers can use GEMINI data in 2 ways:

Hiring services from a GEMINI data analyst to perform the analysis and provide them with results

Directly accessing datasets for their projects in a secure,  remotely-accessible, cloud-based environment

Accessing GEMINI Data

Researchers can access GEMINI data once their project
proposal has been approved.

First, prepare and submit a project proposal form

  • Contact a GEMINI Investigator or to help you complete Part A of this brief project proposal.
  • Submit the completed form to
  • This proposal will be reviewed and approved by the GEMINI Project and Publications Committee. Approved projects are then reviewed by the Unity Health Toronto Research Ethics Board in a streamlined process. This step requires about 4 weeks to complete.
  • In the meantime, the GEMINI team will contact you to determine next steps, costs, and timelines.

Prepare analysis plan

  • Work with a GEMINI Investigator to prepare a data analysis plan using Part B of the project proposal form.
  • Meet the assigned GEMINI Data Analyst and scientific team to initiate the project.


  1. Register and get credentialed at Unity Health Toronto (UHT) to access the data analytic environment. You’ll be supported by the GEMINI team to:
    • Sign up for a UHT Research Visitor account online.
    • Complete online training modules on UHT’s research policies and practices, 
including the TCPS2: CORE privacy training.
    • Complete the Research Visitor registration package.

Access computing environment

  • Create an account to use the GEMINI analytic environment, which is hosted in the secure “High Performance Computing For Health” (HPC4Health) cloud.
  • Users should be comfortable with basic Unix commands and are adept with R and/or Python The following tools are available: Posit Workbench (R and Python), GitLab and slurm. There is no internet access or use of Microsoft software on HPC4Health. Training materials are provided after access has been granted. You’ll be supported by the GEMINI team to:

Receive project-specific datacut

  • A GEMINI Data Analyst will contact you on initiating the development of your project-specific datacut.
  • The datacut requires 10 business days minimum to prepare, and will be made available to you on HPC4Health.