Bijun Wen

Senior Data Scientist

Educational background

I completed my HBSc and MSc in Health & Diseases and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. I obtained my PhD at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children in Translational Medicine.

My past accomplishments

I joined GEMINI after completing my graduate training, where I conducted data-heavy research studies involving a wide range of analytical approaches. During my PhD, I led a Global Health research project on inpatient mortality of malnourished children. I applied statistical modeling to hospital health records and identified clinical predictors for mortality to support risk stratification. Using machine learning approaches, I integrated clinical data with high-dimensional lab data (metabolome, proteome, biomarkers) to understand roles of systemic inflammation and metabolism in mortality for intervention development. For my Masters, I used bioinformatics to study host-microbial interactions in an animal model of infectious colitis.

When I feel most inspired

I work with motivated and friendly individuals

I know that my work can make a positive impact in people’s lives

A few of my favourite things

Playing with my dogs

Exploring new food and restaurants

Puzzle solving activities: board games, escape room, video games etc.