Elham Dolatabadi

Assistant Professor, Faculty Affiliate

University of Toronto

Elham Dolatabadi is an Assistant Professor at the School of Health Policy and Management in Machine Learning and Health Informatics at York University and a Faculty Affiliate at Vector Institute. Prior to this, she was a Scientist and Health Lead at Vector Institute, where she led various large-scale projects in collaboration with hospitals, government, and private sectors in Ontario and Canada to deliver innovative AI solutions for real-world healthcare problems. Her interdisciplinary research harmonizes innovations in health informatics and machine learning to address complex challenges influencing human health and to reduce health disparities. In particular, her interest revolves around the three core pillars of multimodal learning in health, health equity analysis using causal mechanisms, and ambient intelligence. She is actively involved in various application domains stemming from these pillars, including characterizing Post-COVID-19 Condition (PCC) in Canada, improving youth mental health, building an early warning system for mental health crisis, and responsible development and deployment of clinical AI models.