Ijere Ijere

Manager, Information Systems

Educational background

A graduate of Economics, I have actively pursued a career in Linux Infrastructure management, Automation, Containerization and Orchestration, over an 8-year period, attaining the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and RHCDS (Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist) credentials.

My past accomplishments

I have worked as a DevOps Engineer where I created and maintained various continuous integration and deployment strategies for clients in Banking, Telecoms, Education, and Hospitality —using CI/CD tools like Ansible and Jenkins to cut deployment time by 40%.

When I feel most inspired

I share something that helps others overcome a challenge.

I make genuine connections I didn’t think possible, and with someone /people I could never have imagined.

I experience people who transcend their limitations to achieve a feat, small or big.

In knowing that I am a better person today, because of my actions yesterday.

A few of my favourite things



Discovering new places