Shirley You

Research Data Scientist

Educational background

I completed a bachelors degree in Mathematics in China, followed by a masters degree in Mathematics, focusing on Statistics from the University of Ottawa.

My past accomplishments

Prior to GEMINI, I worked at IMBA Medical as a Data Analyst to support the COVID-19 health screening system. Some of my duties included extracting and maintaining datasets integrity on cloud-based software, performing data analysis, statistical modelling, machine learning algorithms and data visualizations. I helped my company achieve an 80% increase in data automation efficiency and 15% revenue growth.

During my masters, I collaborated with researchers from various disciplines and worked on an Epidemiologist research project. This project focused on creating an algorithm for simulating data, which was used for the investigation of Maternal-Gene-Environments and Pathway Effects. These effects were then evaluated based on their potential impact on birth defects. As far as we know, we were the first team to make a ground-breaking discovery on a worldwide genome level.

When I feel most inspired

When I know what I am doing is helping people and potentially helping the world.

A few of my favourite things



Working out

Spending time with family and pets